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Doggy day care centre Chelmsford, Braintree,Essex
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Canine Advisory Ltd - Doggy day care centre - Chelmsford
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Terms & Conditions

Please read below before you complete the contract form

Thank you

I confirm all information given to Canine Advisory Ltd about myself and my pet(s) is true to the best of my knowledge and I understand failure to have given the correct information could result in incorrect care for my dog. Canine Advisory Ltd will therefore not be liable for any issues that may arise due to any misinformation.
I agree by sending my dog(s) to Canine Advisory Ltd Doggy Day Care that they are fully vaccinated, in good health and have been treated for fleas and have been wormed.
I understand that I am solely responsible for any and all harm caused by my dog while attending Canine Advisory Ltd.
I confirm that my dog has not harmed or shown any aggressive behaviour.
I agree and understand that during normal dog play, my dog may sustain injuries. All dog play is carefully monitored to avoid injury, but scratches, punctures, or other injuries may occur despite the best supervision.
I agree that my dog(s) can mix with the dogs at Canine Advisory Ltd.
I agree to pay all costs that may arise as a result of injury or illness to my dog while at Canine Advisory Ltd.
I agree that Canine Advisory Ltd has the right to refuse any dog(s) attending Doggy Day Care as they see fit.
I agree that any behavioural or health problems that develop with my dog while in the care of Canine Advisory Ltd will be treated and best dealt with by the staff, and /or the proprietors and I will be fully responsible for any financial and expenses involved as a result.
I agree that Canine Advisory has my permission to contact my vet in the event of any serious illness or injury that requires urgent veterinary care if I or my nominated emergency contact are not contactable.
I agree I will inform Canine Advisory Ltd when my bitch is in season to ensure that Canine Advisory Ltd can keep her separate from the dogs. I also agree that Canine Advisory cannot be held accountable should my bitch become pregnant despite their best efforts to separate my bitch from the dogs.
I understand that even if my dog is vaccinated against kennel cough there is still a possibility that my dog may contract kennel cough whilst attending Canine Advisory Ltd.
I agree to notify Canine Advisory Ltd of any infectious and/or contagious disease or condition my dog has been exposed to or is affected by. Diseases and conditions include, but are not limited to, kennel cough, fleas, worms, hepatitis, infectious skin disease and parvovirus.
I agree to take all necessary actions or precautions to ensure that my dog is continuously free of contagious, infectious, or otherwise communicable diseases.
I give my consent to Canine Advisory Ltd for my dog to be photographed, videotaped, and/or used in any media or any advertising for Canine Advisory Ltd.