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Simon has been working and training dogs for many years, as a young child he started training the family dog to perform tricks and this natural ability grew and grew throughout the years. Since leaving school Simon went on to become an operations manager with in a large security company, his role was over seeing their dog section and procedures whilst training their staff. From here he then moved on very quickly to become a Police dog handler as his love of dogs and training grew, in this role Simon gained many knew and old skills to a very high standard (ACPO).
Throughout the years the passion for helping others with their dogs proved to become more of a vision for the future. Simon has trained 100s of dogs for all types of people including several celebs along the way. Since 2010 when Simon left the constabulary he has focused on opening a training service that provides the quality and knowledge gained from his life long skills. No dogs are the same, being able to offer a service with flexible time slots and space was key to provide the level of service he wanted.
 In 2011 Simon went back to work for a private company as a Dog Education & Enforcement officer for Enfield Council. This was a challenging role based in Enfield Police station working with the Safer Parks team and other Police officers. Simon’s role was to engage with dog owners and educate them.  Simon started several public training classes in the local parks which was funded by Enfield Council (see below) this was to help others in the way they looked after their dogs.
Things moved quickly on to helping gang members who owned aggressive dogs to understand more through positive engagement, his approach was positive with great results. Dog training was giving to 100s of people throughout the Borough with many one to ones to get the right results for that owner & dog.
Whilst dealing with this part of his role he became the centre of information within the Station. With his knowledge and understanding of the Law & Dogs he guided the Police through the right channels to obtain warrants and even help execute them with the Status Dog units.
This led on to attending Westminster briefings on the Dangerous dogs act and courses on Identification on Section 1 type breeds. With his knowledge increasing it was time to put that to good use. Simon then developed a training program for the Police to give them more awareness when they were dealing with aggressive / Section 1 type dogs. After two years back with the Police Simon decided that he had to move on as he could not progress any further.
Canine Advisory Ltd approached Greenfield Housing and ran courses for them teaching their employee’s how to be safe around dogs and key elements to watch out for when visiting their clients.Canine Advisory Ltd moved on to provide training for children and staff in schools, this training was easily tailored to meet its customers needs through the vast knowledge at hand.
Along with training in Schools we offered a PAT dog service and visited a lots of patients and putting a smile on their face.  We will be re- visiting this area of service as soon as we have the time needed to dedicate the correct experience for the patience. This is a non-profit service so unfortunately has to be put to one side at the moment but will be starting again ASAP.

Number 1 in Doggy day care in Essex , Our Doggy Day Care Centre is set up for your Dogs. With over 30 years experience, contact Simon or Karina.

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In 2014 the passion of training and helping others pushed Simon & Karina set up Canine Advisory Ltd. It soon becomes clear that this was the right way forward, it enabled them to offer the service at their standards. With Karina on-board and her training skills Canine Advisory Ltd soon become one of the leading providers in dog care and training. Our home boarding service soon become full and people was booking months in advanced. This helped us see the need to offer a larger service but with the same standards we want, our passion for this standard is clear for all to see, we will NOT change this level for anyone. If we have to say no to a dog so other dogs get this level of service then we will.

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 Canine Advisory Ltd. Company registration no 08902238 . VAT registration no. 272 8998 40

Doggy day care Braintre,Chelmsford,Dunmow,Essex
Doggy day care centre Chelmsford, Braintree,Essex
Canine Advisory Ltd - Doggy day care centre - Chelmsford
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Braintree Essex Doggy day care
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Doggy day care centre Chelmsford, Braintree,Essex
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